At the intersection between science and communication, Science Word Doctor presents focused solutions that are tailored to your individual needs.  We understand the varied needs and demands of both academic and industrial clients. We provide strategic support in both planning and reporting.

 Science Word Doctor fills the gap between clinical/scientific research and a superior narrative.  We know how to effectively disseminate information that translates complex scientific data into clear succinct publications. At the request of individual clients, we adhere to company-specific standard operating procedures (SOPs). We use ICH, PRISMA, CONSORT and SPIRIT professional guidelines to generate a polished final product.

About Dr. Mellerick

Dr. Mellerick established Science Word Doctor in 2007 to address an unfulfilled need for skilled scientific grant and manuscript writers. Since then her arena has expanded to include clients' varied medical writing needs. 

A former Irish national cross country team runner, Dr. Mellerick approaches all her projects with tenacity that parallels her preparation for a marathon or three hundred mile bike ride-- planning, building on earlier lessons, viewing the landscape, and always willing to learn and extend boundaries.

 Dr. Mellerick got her PhD at the University of Pennsylvania on an athletic/scholastic scholarship awarded to an outstanding Irish graduate.  Later Dr. Mellerick trained with the Nobel Laureate Marshall Nirenberg at NIH, and then assumed faculty appointments in Pediatrics and Pathology at the University of Michigan Medical School. While at the University of Michigan, Dr. Mellerick wrote manuscripts based on her lab's research that were published in high impact journals including Oncogene, Neuron, and Genes and Development. She was also awarded RO1, RO3, and R29 grants from NIH by swaying reviewers with new approaches and insights into old problems.

Dr. Mellerick recently completed a Masters in Clinical Trials from the University of London, a course that provides in depth insights into all aspects of clinical trial design, management and reporting. Regulatory oversight and requirements were also highlighted. Participating in a variety of AMWA classes also expanded Dr. Mellerick's technical expertise.

Dr. Mellerick is adept in templates, ICH guidelines, and FDA regulations. She consistently maintains an exceptionally high standard and guarantees a final product that satisfies the client.